About Us


BVND are a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We are an official partner and the largest distributor of Valentini PowerSyntax (Powerlock/Powersafe Type) Connectors, Valentini SSX (Socapex Type) Connectors and PCE IEC60309 CEEForm connectors, which means we offer the highest quality and most reliable connectors on the market.


Bespoke solutions


We know how stressful promoting and organising events can sometimes be, that’s why we work closely with our customers to develop bespoke solutions for their cable requirements.


Over the years we’ve partnered with everything from theatre companies and sporting occasions and tested our connectors at some of the world’s biggest events and they’ve always passed these challenges with flying colours.


BVND offers electrical products that won’t let you down so you never had to worry about whether your energy requirements are taken care of and can, instead, focus on providing the best entertainment or service for your customers.


Of course, our Connectors and Assemblies are not just tested for reliability but for safety as well. They are designed to protect the user against electric shocks and other potential dangers that might come about because of connection errors. These features include finger-proof electrical contacts, colour coded insulators, mechanical keys and both Mechanical and Electrical Interlock solutions


Experience and flexibility

We are a small, family-run business with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. This means that we know what our customers need and we offer a service that is both personable and highly responsive.

We make things happen quickly when no one else can. Of course, we’re also aware that things don’t always run smoothly, whether you are an electrical wholesaler, in power distribution, transport or televising on a football game, that’s why we pride ourselves on our flexibility.

Every project is different, so we tailor our service to each project. We work around low stock issues, to ensure that your project or event won’t be held up and we meet our deadlines every time. Our approach has made us one of the standout names in the industry, known for our quality and outstanding customer service.

Reliable and ready to go

We know you need reliability from your electrical connectors, and that's why we have created our business model around the supply of the absolute best quality products. But that's not all, we also back you up all the way with support and service levels dedicated to helping your project achieve optimum levels of success and smooth running.

We are always here in the case of faults and breakages and we can be relied on to deliver you replacements faster than anyone else in APAC.

When you have a serious project, depending on serious power you need products and support that stands strong and that has the solid and established supply channels to cope with any occurrence.

BVND supplied connectors can be found anywhere that big power and big reliability are required. We supply to mines, sporting events, train stations, major power distribution, airports, theatres and events all over Australia.

What’s more we offer international connectors so we can connect customers from all over the world.

If you have big, serious power requirements - we'll supply you with big, serious connectors.

Secure, safe and ready to go.

If you have BIG power and you need STRONG connectors, there is only ONE choice.  

Get in touch and find out what we could do for your project or installation.  

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