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Powerlock and Powersafe compatibility

Syntax Chain Pilot connectors and panels are direct replacements for Powerlock, and Phase 3 Powersafe connectors and panels as well as generic unbranded connectors and panels.

The Chain Pilot meets or exceeds the quality, safety and ease of use of any other connectors & panels on the market, through high levels of technical innovation, and when bought through BVND, are available in Australian standards.

BVND is the sole distributor of the new standard in quality single pole connectors and Chain Pilot products in Australia.

Our product catalogue includes Powersafe and Powerlock equivalent model numbers, and you can contact us directly if you require any help with matching products for applications.

Chain Pilot - The Superior Evolution of PowerSyntax SPX

Welcome to the latest-greatest evolution of the ever-popular PowerSyntax SPX panel-mount connectors.

Together with Valentini we have created a product that improves in virtually every area upon the connectors and panels in standard use in Australia.

They are a direct upgrade from, and fully intermateable with;

  • Phase 3 Powersafe Connectors
  • PowerLock Connectors.
  • Generic PowerLock style connectors.

They are 100% compatible with your old connectors and fit into the same racks as PowerSafe connectors.

The SPX Chain Pilot panel-mount connectors are available in drain (male) or source(female) versions, for applications up to 480amp or up to 750amp depending on the connector chosen.

A World First for PowerLock Style Connectors

VALENTINI - Syntax ® have built the worlds first PowerLock style panel-mount connectors with in-built microswitches, and BVND is proud to be able to offer this market-leading technology exclusively in Australia, with Australian standard colour coding.

For the first time on PowerLock style connectors, the Australian power industry and power professionals can gain the ability to constantly monitor all the conductors in a power circuit for both source and distribution.

This is attained through the innovative solution of electrical interlocking through a chain of simultaneously operating connectors, and comes with possibilities for additional controls.

The benefits don't end there though, because the clever design is also based on a simple principle of operation which also ensures complete electrical safety.

Much Safer By Design

The most important difference to the old school, standard connectors, is in terms of safety and reliability.

Incorporating unique and patented microswitches the connectors form an auxiliary circuit when coupled together. The panel is not energised until all switches are depressed, and power is instantly cut to the whole panel when one connector is removed - even before the connector is de-energised.

This means that the very act of pulling a connector out that's under load, de-energises the entire panel safely.

Zero risks of shocks, zero risks of arcing.

Simpler = More Reliable

Syntax Chain Pilot connectors are simpler and there is less to go wrong than with either PowerSafe or PowerLock due to not having complicated mechanisms, like the Sequential Boxes and others.

There are no complicated levers, slides or other mechanical parts that can be destroyed by operators.

They do not require the connectors to be inserted in a specific sequence, as the Box will not energise until the last connector is inserted.

The boxes come with Environmental Caps giving them a Genuine IP67 Rating.

If a contact is damaged through negligence, they can be repaired by a competent tradesman, and do not need to be sent back to BVND or the manufacturer for repairs.


How They Work

Whenever a cable connector of either line source or line drain type is mated with its corresponding coupling, either a Chain Pilot or compatible panel connector, a small sprung device is depressed by the cable connector's body.

This activates a pilot microswitch in the rear of the panel connector's flange, which is in turn, connected to an auxiliary circuit.

In the case of 3 phase (L1-L2-L3) system, with a neutral (N) and a protective earth (PE), the auxiliary circuit form a chain where the contacts of all the 5 microswitches are simultaneously connected.

The microswitch-controlled auxiliary circuit will only be energised when all 5 mechanically keyed cable connectors are correctly mated with their corresponding panel connectors. This, then, enables the use of a remote control circuit breaker, contactor or another safety device, which can be connected to the circuit.

In the event that a connector is removed from the circuit while it is in an energised state, the spring devices will trigger the microswitches cutting power and de-energising the entire panel, before the connector breaks the contact. This makes it physically impossible to remove a connector under load.

This also means that there is no chance of electric arcs forming when a connector is removed.

Chain Pilot Boxes

Simpler, easier to use and far safer than any other power box on the market.

A microswitch is built into every connector, and when wired into a panel with breaker or protection device, the entire panel is only energised when ALL connectors are correctly and firmly mated.

Every connector in the panel will instantly de-energise as soon as one connector is disconnected, and so electrical safety is guaranteed.

Because we use microswitches there is no need for mechanical locks, which are prone to failure, the connectors are more reliable and have a significantly longer lifespan.

General Features

  • Insert all the cable connectors to activate the breaker or protection device
  • All connectors will de-energise should one become disconnected when in use
  • Built-in microswitch for electrical interlock on all connectors
  • Intermateable with standard PowerSyntax or 482,5 other powerlock-style connectors
  • Electrical safety guaranteed
  • Ensures safe connection of all phases, neutral and earth
  • International patent on connectors
  • Microswitch-controlled auxiliary circuit ensures that the system will only be energised when all 5 connectors on the box have been mated.
  • No mechanical locks / longer lifespan
  • Total electrical safety as all connectors are de-energised should one become disconnected
  • 5-pole (E-N-L1-L2-L3) system with Panel Source connectors
  • Mechanically keyed connectors to prevent mating error
  • Secondary lock for added mechanical safety
  • 2U 19” rack-mountable box

* The brochures above show European colour coding, whereas our products are all Australian colour coded

Technical Data - Chain Pilot Box

Rated current480amp
Rated voltage1000v ac / 1500v dc
Rated operational voltage400v AAC 3ph +N +E 50/60 hz
No. of polesE-N-L1-L2-L3
Colour codingAustralian colour coded connectors (E-green, N-Black, L1-Red, L2-White, L3-Blue)
Contact materialSilver plated copper
Box materialHigh temperature thermoplastic
Endurance500 + connection cycles
Degree of protection (connectors front side)IP 67 when mated or with environmental caps fitted ( IP 67 caps supplied as a standard)
Degree of protection (connectors without caps)IP 2 x finger-proof
Flammability ratingUL94 - V0
Operating temperature-30°c to +85°c
Safety noticeThe PowerSyntax Chain Pilot box should only be installed and operated by suitably qualified persons

Wiring Diagrams

The wiring diagrams here show de-energised circuits, with all circuit breakers discharged in their open position.

Example 1 shows a 5-panel drain circuit.

5 PowerSyntax Chain Pilot panel drain connectors for phase L1, L2, L3 Neutral (N) and earthing PE conductors.


Example 2 shows a 5-panel source circuit.

5 PowerSyntax Chain Pilot panel source connectors for phase L1, L2, L3, Neutral (N) and earthing conductors.


SYNTAX Chain Pilot Connectors

General Features

  • Fully intermatable with PowerLock & PowerSafe connectors
  • Safe & Simple
  • Total electical safety
  • Unique micorswitch controlled operation
  • Impossible to remove under load
  • Arc free removal
  • Available in drain (male) or source (female) versions,
  • 480amp & 750amp versions
  • Front or rear panel mountable
image (3)

Technical Data - Pilot microswitch

Switching FunctionChangeover switch (SPDT momentary)
Number of Poles1 - Pole
ConnectionsQuick-connect terminal, 2.8 x 0.5, sealed
Mechanical life endurance10 E6
Rating IEC / Rating North America10 (3) a 250 v ac 10 e 3
DesignDIN 41635 b
Contact resistance (new condition)< 100 (1 a 12v DC ) Mohm
Insulation resistance (new condition)> 100 (500v DC ) Mohm
Voltage strength at 250 V→ Function insulation / basic insulation 1500 V
→ Small contact distance 500 V according to EN 61058
Insulation spacingReinforced or double insulation
Protection typeConnection IP 00, actuator IP 67
Ambient temperatureConnection side -40°C +100°C
Flammabilityul 94 v -0
Glow wire test temperature850 ° c
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