SYNTAX SSX 19Pin Connectors


SPX and SPZ are the new Power Syntax® series of single-pole electrical connectors.

Power Syntax® are specifically suited for electrical supply management from 480amp up to 750amp.

The new Power Syntax® features a number of mechanical and technical enhancements which redefine the standards for these types of connectors in areas of safety, reliability, ease of handling and robustness in the harshest of conditions.

SPX line drain

Typical Connector Applications

  • Electrical power systems
  • Power distribution
  • Theatres
  • Mobile generators
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Railway installations
  • Military installations
  • Load banks
  • Backup power systems
  • Electrical power supply companies
  • Heavy industry

Technical Data

Number of contactssingle pole
Max continuous current rating - brass or bimetal contact480amp
Max continuous current rating - copper contact750amp
Test Voltage4500 V AC
Short Circuit Rating35.5kA peak
Insulation Resistance>5000 MOhm @500V
IP rating when matedIP67
Protection against electric shockIP2X
Contact resistance<0.1 mOhm
Housing materialHigh-temperature thermoplastic
FlammabilityUL94 V0
Coupling methodBayonet lock with secondary locking pin
Number of mating cycles>500
Operating temperature-30°C/+125°C

General Features

  • Intermateable with other versions
  • CE compliant
  • EN/ESI compliant
  • Contact retained within the thermoplastic housing with a fl ame-retardant UL94-VO plastic pin. This method ensures quick assembling and disassembling. No special extracting tools are needed
  • Heavy-duty ergonomic hand grip, with sides specifi cally designed for easy pushing/pulling when mating/unmating
  • Metric thread M40 cable gland IP68 watertight compliant with EN/CE, adapters available for cables over 32 mm diameter
  • Screw, Crimp and Lug terminals to facilitate cables from 25mm² to 300 mm²
  • Mechanically keyed to prevent mating errors
  • Permanent marking to identify phase/line and safety information embossed on connector’s body
  • Multipoint contact area
  • Silver Plated Contacts
  • High Impact bodies
  • EN harmonized color coding (Europe). Also available in UK, Australia and USA color codes
syntax rated current

Syntax SSX 19 Pin Connectors

The SSX 19-pin connector has been completely redesigned for the stablest coupling and the fastest wiring possible.
We made it indestructible, safer and better-looking.

Socapex 419 series compatible.
UL Compliant

SOCAPEX SSX 19-pin connector

Panel and inline versions

The SYNTAX® SSX series, designed for professional lighting applications and totally compatible with standard Socapex 419 series, is extremely robust being made of thick wall construction machined aluminium alloy, with hard-wearing black painted or anodized finish. The thermoplastic insulating insert enables the use of removable contacts, either crimp or solder.

The unit is completely IP67 watertight when mated.

Electrical safety and compliance are guaranteed by internal insulation of the shells, obtained through a safety insulating sleeve preventing electric shock, as well as “first make last break” ground contacts. Grounding rings allow bussing of the ground contacts. Locking rings and backshells are designed for easy handling.

Anti-rotation design

New high-precision machined anti-rotation shell design

As of 2012, all SSX male and female connectors are equipped with a Syntax proprietary anti-rotation design to prevent the spinning of an insulating insert within its shell. The anti-rotation system features 4 large keys + 4 smaller ones on the insert, physically displaced by 45 degrees from one another and interlocked with as many keys on the metal housing.

This system ensures that the interior is positively locked, putting an end to a long standing industry problem. The Syntax anti-rotation device was first designed in 2011 and has been implemented in the production of SSX connectors since 2012. This new design is a 2018 upgrade.

The inserts are available in different colours: black /standard), redblueyelloworange.

For other color options, please contact our sales department.

Colored locking rings

The rubber-coated version of the locking ring is now available also on the SSX 19 pin and 16 pin connectors series. For quick identification of your cables through colour coding, four different colors are available: black (standard), red, blue, yellow.

For other color options, feel free to contact our sales department. Below the rubber coat, we maintained the characteristics of our proprietary heavy-duty metal ring, that has been universally appreciated and has set a new standard in the industry as for strength and durability.

The thoughtful design of the locking-ring ensures optimal grip on the whole circumference and easy coupling. The thick wall inner metal ring, in fact, provides unparalleled resistance to all possible forms of abuse. It represents an evolution of the rubber-coated rings commonly found on the market and solves the problem of their being mechanically weaker compared to all-metal construction rings.

Colored anodized locking rings
Available colors on request: Blue - Red - Gold - Green - Purple - Silver (Photo 3 and 4)

Rounded edge female contacts

A benchmark set on mechanical perfection
The new design of the SSX female contacts features a rounded shape of the contact entry ports and allows smooth contact insertion inside the insulating insert for a seamless mating with no damages on the pin cavities and positive contact placement and retention.

Faster and safer contact insertion
The rounded edge female contacts are supplied as a standard on all SSX female connectors. This proprietary Syntax design eliminates the need to use lubricants or guide pins to insert the contacts, greatly reducing assembling time.

Armored contacts

An innovation on the SSX series
The Syntax armored contacts are available on request on all-female versions (inline and panel) Syntax SSX 19 pin and 16 pin connectors. The armored contacts are provided with a protective jacket to improve contactation on SSX connector.

The usage of armored contacts results in a series of mechanical and electrical advantages.

  • self-centered for a seamless connection
  • increased number of mating cycles
  • improved electrical conductivity
  • lower operating temperature
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